Making Good Tables

Some musings about holiness, work, and redemption. I am doing some work with a university that is unashamedly in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition and that is more and more making the idea of the redemption of the world the core of its identity. So I've been thinking a...

Innovation, a Messy World, and Purpose

In his book, A Passion for Excellence, Tom Peters offers a very insightful and valuable perspective of innovation and order. Chapter 3 is entitled "The Mythology of Innovation" and Peters writes: Innovation is "always messy, unpredictable, and very much affected by...

Great Questions

The longer I work with teams in organizations, the more I realize the power of asking the right questions. Here's a sampling from Bob Tiede's Great Leaders Ask Questions ebook. General questions for meeting with a client, customer, team member, or employee: 1) What is...


I am a big-picture thinker and have a good understanding of an organization as a social system. The core of any organization is the interactions and relationships of its people. A key part of my work is helping people find the right place where they fit and helping leaders create the space for those people to freely flourish and bloom.


I use the tools of appreciative inquiry, design thinking, and visual communication to help organizations clarify the things that matter most to them. My goal is to bring about organizational health from the top down so that clarity of purpose and conviction of values fuel people and processes.


I am a consultant with Two Cups Creative, a creative marketing agency based out of central Kentucky, helping organizations in the service, education, and non-profit sectors clarify and communicate their message and values, so they can market effectively, operate strategically, and grow sustainably. I help our clients clarify their core values and align those to brand development strategies.

Clarifying Ideas That Matter

My mission is to add value to teams and organizations by helping clarify purpose, improve processes, and empower people. I seek to encourage others to think theologically, intellectually, and spiritually about organizational life, leadership, work, history, and faith. As an experienced organizational & educational leader, I help other leaders and organizations improve by focusing on becoming values-driven, aligning strategy to mission, diagnosing systems and culture, and improving core processes.