Consulting Approach

I focus especially on working with organizations in the education, non-profit, or service sectors to clarify their core purpose and values, maximize their people, and achieve their mission. As an experienced organizational/educational leader and consultant, my goal is to help leaders, teams, and organizations flourish by identifying who they are, why things work they way they do, and where improvements can be made that lead to a healthier, stronger organization.

I use the tools of Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking, and Visual Communication to help organizations clarify the things that matter most to them. I focus primarily on My goal is to bring about organizational health from the top down so that clarity of purpose and conviction of values fuel people and processes. Some of the primary concerns I focus on with clients are:

  • Clarifying core values, purpose, mission/vision
  • Gaining an understanding of real (rather than espoused) identity and internal culture
  • Visually mapping core processes and relationships to enable better decision making
  • Strategic Operations Analysis
  • Assessing and building organizational health
  • Overcoming team dysfunction

Bryan is a collaborative and capable leader, an analytical thinker, and a problem-solver. I have been honored to work with him and to see first hand his ability to inspire and motivate others to accomplish complex tasks.

Dawnel Volzke

Consultant/Social Entreprenur

Although it varies based on the specific needs of each client, my consulting approach generally flows around the following 3 steps:



Spending time listening to the client and asking thoughtful questions in order to clearly understand their goals and the situational context. Help the client/organization imagine the conditions they want to exist in the future. The solutions to many problems often become self-evident as a result of careful listening and guided conversation.



Produce a clear written definition of the main problem, needs, or objective the consulting relationship is aimed at addressing. Clarity about the problem we are wanting to solve, the question we are wanting to answer, or the objective we are trying to reach ensures that our ideas and possible solutions will be far more valuable.


Work collaboratively to develop, implement, and test strategies or solutions for the specified objectives. Here I use the creative design thinking process that centers around ideation and rapid prototyping. The ultimate aim is positive action that moves the organization forward in a healthy way.

About Dr. Easley

Bryan brings 20 years of experience in higher educational leadership and administration, organizational development, working with non-profit organizations, and small business entrepreneurship. He has formal education in media communications, religion & philosophy, and organizational leadership and development. In addition to his experience in higher education, his educational background in the liberal arts and divinity coupled with interdisciplinary doctoral studies in leadership makes him uniquely situated to tap into the underlying human element of purpose, mission, and values that are the engine of any organization.